How to Make a Choice of Cloud Backup Solution For Your Businesses

“You had better consult an IT analyst; he can guide you through the process. Or else, here is a list of the factors considering which, is the right step to approach an informed solution.

Simple solution and easy installation: Whatever is invested in a business has its own value, be it time or money. If I am right, you are looking for a simple Cloud backup solution so that you can save on time during the process of installation and deployment. Installing anything on a local server or an individual machine should not be needed, and the installation process too must be flawless and hassle-free. It equals to zero headaches.

Virtual configuration and backup setting: Configuration of machine or machines in the Cloud backup system should be on a virtual space throughout the company. Say a big ‘No’ to a manual configuration in case of backup settings. Avoid purchasing a Cloud backup solution that involves a backup set in a manual procedure.

No proprietary data storage: It is imperative to have a true cloud backup solution for your business. Many Cloud solutions for virtual backup have personal servers and back up data using proprietary storage. It is not a true and effective solution. The first-class data storage with world-class facilities duplicating the stored data throughout a network of locations across the globe comes with a true Cloud solution. Proprietary storage is not reliable since it involves risk to a great extent.

Block-level backup facility: Choose a Cloud data backup solution with the Block Level Backup facility that is crucial. This backup facility also known as Delta backup is needed to break up large files into small pieces. It helps on save on time and space. A Cloud solution without this facility backs up a large file or data (for example, 1 GB) whenever en email is received, adding to the consumption of bandwidth, which is not practical at all given the time and space.

Fool-proof data security: The importance of data security is undeniable. The security of a backup solution, virtual or physical server-based, should be ensured at any cost. One of the key things ensuring fool-proof security is the facility to get personal data encryption authorized for the main users in the organization, to say the CEO or the MD.

All-time facility to access data: With the Cloud backup solution that you choose, you should have the advantage that is a 24-hour facility to access the stored data. Check with the Cloud backup service provider if you can access the data using a mobile device if you need to do so when you are on the move. The facility of sharing and editing the data should also be available along with access.”